AARP Celebrates Asian American & Pacific Islander Hero Award Winner Denny Chan of Justice in Aging

PASADENA, CA (TIP): AARP celebrated its Asian American and Pacific Islander Hero Award winner Denny Chan for his work using the power of the law to fight senior poverty at Justice in Aging on Wednesday, January 23 at the AARP California Office in Pasadena, CA.

Facing language barriers and limited resources, many older Asian American and Pacific Islanders find themselves struggling to gain access to the health care and other services they need and are entitled to by law. As a staff attorney at Justice in Aging, Chan advocates for the needs of older adults, especially those with limited English proficiency.

Never far from Chan’s mind is his maternal grandmother who doesn’t speak English and whose journey mirrors those of the individuals he helps.

“Older AAPI adults living in or at risk of poverty not only are one unexpected expense away from homelessness or one fall away from a hospital visit, but they also face a complex health care system made up of people who don’t necessarily speak their language,” said Denny Chan. “At Justice in Aging, we advocate every day for laws and policies that better protect older Americans, fighting for healthcare, economic security, and access to the courts, no matter what language they speak.”

AARP’s AAPI Hero Award is a nationwide contest that celebrates unsung heroes — volunteer and staff members who work diligently behind the scenes in nonprofit organizations serving AAPI age 50 and older.

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