Media Endorsement for Melinda Katz as Queens County District Attorney

2 Major Indian American Newspapers announce Endorsement

Jasbir Jay Singh, publisher and editor of Hum Hindustani presenting endorsement to Melinda Katz. Seen, from L to R: Malini Shah, Jarnail Singh Gilzian, Melinda Katz, Jasbir Jay Singh, Sanjeev Jindal, Prof. Indrajit S Saluja

Primaries on June 25

QUEENS, NY (TIP): On May 8, at a community gathering at Richie Rich Palace, Richmond Hill, publishers of 2 major Indian American newspapers endorsed Melinda Katz for Queens County District Attorney.

In his endorsement remarks, Prof. Indrajit S Saluja, publisher and editor of The Indian Panorama , a leading Indian American English language newspaper said, “ What prompts us to endorse  Melinda Katz is her  record of  public service and  her wide range of  experience as an attorney, a  lawmaker, and  an  administrator. She has an outstanding record of being the best   whatever  role she donned”.

He said that her dedication to public service was appreciate by the communities in  the Borough of Queens of which she has been President since 2014, and they re-elected her for a second term in 2017, for the term starting in January 2018.

Prof. Saluja added : “Our criminal justice system is outdated and not in keeping with the needs of our times. At best, we can describe it as broken which needs to be fixed. In this,  Melinda’s  wide variety of experience as an attorney and administrator  will serve us well. He quoted Melinda as having said, “We are entering a new era of criminal justice in Queens, and there is a national movement to bring systematic changes to our criminal justice system, from instituting bail reform to ending marijuana prosecutions to extending warrant forgiveness. I look forward to Queens being an active voice and leader in that change. I will be a DA who is a partner in justice and emphasize crime prevention and rehabilitation in addition to prosecution.”

Prof. Saluja said, “we believe she will work to make the criminal justice system under her watch more humane  and  just”.

“I encourage all  to join me in endorsing Melinda  Katz for Queens County  District Attorney and urge all voters to gift  her a resounding victory in the Primaries on June 25, 2019”, he said.

Jasbir Jay Singh , publisher and editor of Hum Hindustani,  the only Hindi language newspaper in the US,   in his endorsement of Melinda Katz said, “Melinda has a long and distinguished career as a councilwoman, an attorney,  and as an administrator. Her rich and varied experience and record of public service make her the most suitable candidate for the position of District Attorney. She has often spoken about the broken criminal justice system and her desire to fix it.

“We are confident, with her in the seat of District Attorney there will be many changes in the system which will bring people  the much-needed relief. It is for this reason that we are here to endorse Melinda Katz for District Attorney of Queens County.

“Melinda’s victory in the Primaries on June 25 must be ensured by all. While we request all to join us in endorsing Melinda Katz for District Attorney of Queens County, we urge all to vote for her on June 25 and ensure a better future for Queens County and  themselves.”

Accepting the endorsement from The Indian Panorama and Hum Hindustani, Melinda Katz thanked Prof. Saluja and Jasbir Jay Singh and held out the assurance to fix the criminal justice system which she believed was terribly broken. She spoke at length about the inadequacies of the system which worked more against the underprivileged than provide protection to the innocents.  As an example of the  unjust system, she found fault with the provisions regarding posting of bail, which quite often kept the innocents in the prison just because they could not furnish a cash bail bond.

The gathered supporters of Melinda opened their purses and made generous contribution to her  campaign fund.

On the occasion,  Melinda release a book of poems by a young poet Manpreet Kaur Tiger. The book titled  The Soul with a Scar deals with the subject of woman empowerment. Speaking on the occasion,  Ms Tiger said that she will like women to not keep their scars to themselves. Rather, share them with other women which will not only lessen the pain but also bring them together in sympathy and action to protect their rights.

Melinda Katz, congratulating the young poet.  said since the poems are in English, she will go through them, and  hoped  Ms Tiger  will come  up with more literary works.

Others who spoke included Jarnail Singh Gilzian, Malini Shah, Eric Kumar, Fahad Solaiman, Koshy Thomas, and  Sofia, a aw student. 

The media persons – Harkirat Singh Ahluwalia from JUS  TV, Balwant Hothi from  PTC TV , and Pradeep Gill from Global Punjab interacted with Melinda Katz  and some other guests. They were profusely thanked  by Prof. Saluja, himself a media person, for their time and presence.  

Jarnail Singh Gilzian. owner of Richie Rich Palace was the generous host of the event.

Prof. Indrajit S Saluja, publisher and editor of The Indian Panorama presenting the endorsement. Seen, from L to R: Malini Shah, Jarnail Singh Gilzian, Melinda Katz,  Prof. Indrajit S Saluja, Koshy Thomas
Melinda Katz released Ms Manpreet Kaur Tiiger’s book of poems in English language, titled “The Soul with  a Scar”. Seen from L to R: Jasbir Jay Singh, Malini Shah, Jarnail Singh Gilzian, Melinda Katz, Manpreet Kaur Tiger,  Prof. Indrajit S Saluja    
Media persons with Melinda Katz at the event . Seen from L to R: Pradeep Gill, Balwant Hothi, Melinda Katz, Prof. Indrajit S Saluja, Jasbir Jay Singh, Harkirat S. Ahluwalia, Navneet Singh

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