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Ashishpal S Saluja

Mr. Modi needs to deliver on the issues that matter the most to the people

Modi 2.0 is back with a thumping victory. This means India has moved a step closer to becoming a Hindu Rashtra. I foresee a decline of secularism in the country. After all, Modi’s campaign was all about divisive politics. People should expect the unexpected from the incumbent Prime Minister. The promises he made during the 2014 elections are yet to be fulfilled, be it the jobs promised or bringing back the black money. I hope this time Mr Modi comes through and delivers on the issues that matter the most to the people of the country.

NOIDA (India)

Ravishankar Bhooplapur

Death of a dynasty and the rise of a democracy

Today is a proud moment for our generation to see a non-congress party coming into power for the second time with a majority win. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has seen how past governments did not provide adequate support to the people of his nation with that in mind he focused on setting things right and worked very hard with a transparent cabinet. His government increased public private partnerships and identified many hidden talents of the common man. This has been a big accomplishment for the country and has created a big impact on the common citizens of India. His jet setting around the world helped put India on the map and he has been instrumental in getting India the recognition it deserves. Despite BJP being a majority Hindu nationalist party, Modi has been successful in bringing different communities and unifying the nation. In the next five years, he is going to take the nation in a new light with the aspirations of the younger generation and a complete set of new leaders.

 It is a proud moment with the death of a dynasty and the rise of a democracy. It is inspiring that a chaiwala can become Prime Minister in today’s world and lead a nation of 1.2 billion population. I would like to wish Prime Minister Narendra Modi further success and good luck to his new cabinet members.


Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

Sam Maddali

India has spoken

India has spoken and BJP is the best choice and Modi has proven last 5 years is the best PM you can ever ask for it. I wish BJP all the best for next 5 years and I am sure PM Modi will prove MODI 2.0 is better than last 5 years.


United Pharmacy Network

Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

Jagdish Sewhani

New India votes for good governance Sabka Saath and Sabka Vikas

The re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a strong mandate is a reflection of emergence of New India.

By re-electing BJP and NDA, people of India have endorsed the good governance of Prime Minister Modi, his developmental policy based on Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas and his strong national security policy which has zero tolerance to terrorism.

People of India has shown the door to the opposition party’s negative politics and vetted the positive energy and politics of Prime Minister Modi. It shows that they have no faith in a politics that is based on lie and deception, which was the key aspect of electoral campaign of the Congress-led opposition parties.

In five years 2014-2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a high bar of leadership and governance. In just five years, India has become a bright spot of global economy and a world power that can no longer be ignored. In the next five years Prime Minister Narendra Modi would put fast track India’s development. Under Narendra Modi, I am sure, world’s largest democracy would soon become among world most powerful country and top three global economies.

We non-resident Indians (NRIs) are proud of India’s achievements. It’s a no mean achievement that 1.3 billion people have peacefully elected their leader for the next five years. Now that the elections are over, I hope, the opposition parties would respect the mandate of the people of India. And instead of making baseless allegations against EVMs, opposition parties would join Prime Minister Modi in achieving the aspiration and ambitions of New India.


The American India Public Affairs Committee, NY

Rishika Dhillon

Many doubts about the BJP governance

I usually refrain from getting into heated political arguments because over the years I have learnt that Facebook discussions/arguments don’t change people’s mindsets and attitudes but today it seems necessary that I speak up. And after seeing many posts since morning, I’m well aware that I’m in minority here.

Many of you sisters are gloating about the mandate given by India to its ruling government. On those same threads, your Muslim sisters have shown discomfort and uneasiness, but you have chosen to ignore it completely and go on with your celebrations. It bothers me. It bothers me because when Trump won, I, as a minority needed reassurance that his supporters did not represent America. So today, I stand with all of you, who feel restless and sad with today’s results and assure you that today might be a day of numbers but math doesn’t make wrongs right. 

BJP should enjoy its victory today but also own the fact that you do not get to claim that you voted for nationalism over terrorism. You are now sending a terror accused to parliament. And just FYI, Pakistan roundly defeated Hafiz Saeed’s party in their 2018 elections.

Do not lay the blame of any future lynchings and riots on fringe elements because your party is the fringe. It’s a party of Pragya Thakur and Yogi Adityanath.

I agree, that the biggest democracy of the nation needs a strong leader to confront the crisis on jobs, agriculture, Kashmir policy,  China etc etc and I will keep my eyes open to see if any such strong leadership is exhibited or if instead, the party uses religion to cover up its shortfalls like it did in their last term.

In 2014, just like all of you, I wanted a new leadership to emerge and when BJP won, I hoped that inspire of my political differences, the party would govern India well. In 2019, I shudder to think how the government will extend its past performances through this new tenure.

Good luck to India and now please be mindful of your own sisters here and stop with the chest thumping.

Visalia, CA

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